Schwarzatal, Wasserfrische

New Places on the Schwarza

To promote rural regions, the potentials of cultural landscapes need to be brought to light. Such regional developments usually start with an exchange. In the Schwarzatal, the search for a sustainable landscape image built on the existing visions and activities of the regional actors.

In Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle, a hiking area and water garden will be created. Plan graphics: MAN MADE LAND & fabulism
Entwurf Wasserfrische Obstfelderschmiede
At the train station Obstfelderschmiede, a green resting place is being created. Plan graphics: MAN MADE LAND & fabulism

In order to promote rural areas, the potentials of cultural landscapes need to be revealed. An exchange is usually the starting point for such regional developments. In Schwarzatal, they built on the existing visions and activities of regional actors by seeking a sustainable landscape image. In 2018, Zukunftswerkstatt Schwarzatal e. V., LEADER Aktionsgruppe Saalfeld-Rudolstadt e. V., and IBA Thuringia organized and accompanied a cooperative workshop process with four participating teams. They examined spatial qualities and potentials of Schwarzatal in order to create landscape images for the future. The project was part of the federal program ‘Modelvorhaben der Raumordnung’.

The design by the MAN MADE LAND & fabulism office was favored by a committee of experts and members: Slow Landscape Schwarzatal — Sommerfrische am Panoramawegnetz. It accurately analyzes the landscape, economic, and touristic qualities, as well as the deficits of Schwarzatal. It picks up on the established theme of Sommerfrische and develops a contemporary profile, towards Wasser-, Wald-, and Wiesenfrische. Wasserfrische focuses on the interfaces between hiking trails, water, and towns. Simple, attractive meeting places along the Schwarza river are intended to be created.

During the process, the two IBA projects Wasserfrische Obstfelderschmiede and Schwarzmühle were developed. In these popular locations, mini-topographies are designed for special water, landscape, and nature experiences. The site was chosen in the district of Schwarzmühle, not far from the Schwarzatalbahn station and the starting point of the Panoramaweg. Here, a hiking and water garden is being created. In Obstfelderschmiede, the valley station of the Thuringian mountain railway, an herb garden for relaxing in the green is planned. Both projects will be implemented in 2023.

IBA Projektgrafik Schwarzatal

The Wasserfrische is part of the IBA project family in the Schwarzatal.


Meuselbach-Schwarzmühle und Mellenbach-Glasbach
98744 Schwarzatal

IBA Project Manager

Ulrike Rothe


Wasserfrische Orte Schwarzmühle und Obstfelderschmiede im IBA Finale 2023
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