Schwarzatal, Rottenbach Railway Station

Schwarzatal, Rottenbach Railway Station

Gateway to a region: A local cooperative for local provisions

In Königsee, residents have set up an own local supplies shop, which also serves as a meeting place. The BahnHofladen opened in summer 2019, and the initiators are now working on making it t for the future.

Those who are familiar with the fate of many railway stations in rural areas will be pleasantly surprised at the sight of Rottenbach and the wide selection of regional produce on sale in the BahnHofladen and the accompanying bistro. As, one by one, retailers in the region closed, a group of committed citizens took things into their own hands and founded a cooperative in 2015 to findnd a solution to the supply of local provisions and catering. Their plan was to establish a new shop with local produce along with a café as a meeting place, as well as to create better public and private transport links to the station.

The renovation of the station building began in July 2016 in accordance with conservation guidelines, and a student architecture competition was held to develop initial ideas for the design of the shop. Unsuitable alterations and the suspended ceiling were stripped out, small windows were replaced by full-height openings and the roof and facade were clad uniformly in locally typical hung slate tiling. In 2019, the new shop opened to coincide with the new transport link, marking the completion of the first larger scale IBA project.

The new transport link is both a functional as well as a visual improvement: the bus stop now directly adjoins the station, and bus and train arrival and departure times are coordinated. At the bus turning loop, four so-called STADTLAND!ISLANDS have been created as thematic kitchen gardens enclosed by traditional wooden fences.