Saalfeld, Beulwitzer Straße

Saalfeld, Beulwitzer Straße

Locals and refugees create opportunities for work and recreation

On the site of a former barracks on Beulwitzer Straße, situated between housing for refugees and a residential quarter, Saalfeld council and local education institutions are working together with local residents to create new kinds of work and recreational spaces. Around half of the participants are local residents and half refugees and displaced people. 

In summer workshops in 2017 and 2018, the new and existing residents worked jointly to explore ways of creating a place to meet and make their own. They built, celebrated and learned from one another in a series of stimulating and enjoyable encounters.

The IBA Thüringen and other partners in Thuringia are devising projects under the heading ‘Arrival StadtLand’ that address the consequences of displacement and immigration. In Saalfeld, a space made by many for use by many is evolving with the participation of creative people from the region. Neighbours new and old are consciously setting an example that strengthens the local sense of community and symbolises the openness of the urban-rural StadtLand of Thuringia.


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