Bedheim Castle, Sh/leep barn

Bedheim Castle, Sh/leep barn

Good quality self-building in rural regions

Many rural areas are mix of catalogue homes and DIY flair. Between them, however, there are people who strive to live and build sustainably – a particularly welcome development in the current climate, where an awareness of context and landscape and of regional skills and materials is more important than ever.

The architecture office of Gründer Kirfel in Bedheim is part of a growing scene of rural architects who are again turning to the practice of self-building. As the owners of Bedheim Castle, a former manor estate, they can look back on a rich cultural heritage – a heritage that requires corresponding management and care, both architecturally and economically. Their response was to build simple, good-quality architecture using regional materials. With considerable dedication and many helping hands, a unique new timber building has been erected on the site of a former sheep barn. It serves as a store for the products of the communally-run farm and as a meeting place for learning about and promoting building culture in the countryside.

Echoing the passing down of craftsmanship from generation to generation, the architects have made available the knowledge gathered during the project’s construction as an open source resource for all interested parties. As such, the project is a showcase for sustainability at all levels.


Momentan keine Termine

Schloss 1
98630 Bedheim
Main Partners

Familie Kirfel-Rühle von Lilienstern 
mit den Schlossbewohnern Anika Gründer, Nikola Mayer, Erik van der Werf
und dem Förderverein Schloss Bedheim e.V. gem.


Tobias Haag

Project director

Phone +49 3643 5831-67